Investment Property Remodeling - JAC Construction
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Investment Property Remodeling

If your property has a kitchen that belongs in 1975 or a bathroom that has seen better days, you’ll have a difficult time attracting and keeping quality renters in this competitive market.


After all, tenants have their pick of places to live. If yours needs work, they’re likely going to move elsewhere, no matter how much you lower the rent and your profit margin.


Don’t get stuck with a property that is rapidly becoming a home for antiques. Instead, contact the investment property remodeling professionals at JAC Construction.


Our full-time construction team specializes in turning kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, backyards, and living spaces from bland and uninspiring into the kind of place renters will be clamoring to move into—and stay in for years to come.

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JAC Construction is a professional residential and commercial construction company serving the Roswell, New Mexico area. Contact Us today to Discuss your construction project.

JAC COnstruction

514 W 11th St

Roswell, NM



Phone:     (575) 626-9460


    (575) 626-9460